Using Technology to Collect Data

So, you are being challenged to integrate more technology into your classroom? Sound familiar?

You’ve probably heard about many apps and games you could use with your students, but they don’t record student progress and let you know how your students are progressing.

My suggestion-  do what so many teachers are doing (including myself) – use Boom Cards!

Boom Cards collect data and provides you with reports on your students’ progress. Seeing the answer a student missed is awesome enough, but you also get to see the incorrect answer that was chosen! DATA. As a reading specialist, my days are all about data. D-A-T-A. Data drives my instruction and lets me know what skills I need to spend more time on. If a student is secure with a particular skill, I don’t want to waste precious instructional time re-teaching something I don’t need to.

One beauty of Boom Cards is that they are fun! Kids love them and they make a sound to indicate if the answer is correct or not (don’t worry- sound can always be turned off or students can use headphones).  The sky is the limit and there are so many topics and skills that can be taught using Boom Decks.

Can I buy Boom Cards on TpT? YES!

You school can buy them at TpT Schools

When you purchase a Boom deck from Teachers Pay Teachers you receive a free 3 month membership. After 3 months you have a choice: purchase a membership for $9. That membership gives you $5 worth of points to buy extra Boom decks. (So it basically costs you $4 for a year.)  If you don’t want to buy a membership, you can continue to use your decks. You just sign in using your “fast pin”. Each of your decks are stored in your library.


Head to Boom Learning and try out these FREEBIES

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