All Year 2nd Grade Writing Prompts


Use this second grade writing unit containing 60 standards based writing prompts with the Common Core Standard listed on each template. Just print these no prep templates and you are ready to go. Hurry and shop now!


All Year 2nd Grade Writing Prompts

Start of the new year right with this fun and educational writing bundle. This second grade writing unit contains 60 standards based writing templates. Just print these no prep templates and you are ready to go! Each template lists the Common Core Standard on the bottom of the Writing Prompts sheet. Easy to use in Centers.

* 60 “NO PREP” writing prompts for Second Grade.

Inside you will find:

(20) Opinion Writing Prompts Templates

(20) Informative Writing/Explanatory Writing Prompts Templates

(20) Narrative Writing Prompts Templates

CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.W.2.1 Opinion Writing

My Best Friend (pg. 4); Yum, Yum, Yum! (pg. 5); The Best Gift (pg. 6); Pets For All (pg. 7);  Just Right? (pg. 8); The Best Books (pg. 9); Friends From Books (pg. 10);  Which Chore? (pg. 11);  What Do You Know? (pg. 12);  Pet Monkey (pg. 13);  Sleepy Time (pg. 14);  Field Trip! (pg. 15);  Fruity Flavor (pg. 16);  Grown Up Fun (pg. 17);  New at the Zoo (pg. 18);  Movie Director (pg. 19);  Pick A Season (pg. 20);  I Scream for Ice Cream (pg. 21);  Playground Fun (pg. 22); Snakes or Spiders? (pg. 23)

CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.W.2.2 Informative/Explanatory Writing

Take Your Time (pg. 24);  Say How to Play (pg. 25);  Love Your Pet (pg. 26);  Writing and Drawing (pg. 27);  Keep It Clean (pg. 28);  Brusha Brusha (pg. 29);  Sunshine & Sand (pg. 30);  Substitute Teacher (pg. 31);  Grow it! (pg. 32);  Meow or Woof? (pg. 33);     Making Toast (pg. 34);  What Do You Know? (pg. 35);  Riding My Bike (pg. 36);  Yummy Food (pg. 37);  PB & J (pg. 38);  Did You Know? (pg. 39);  New Neighbors (pg. 40);  Rainy Days (pg. 41);  Scary Storm? (pg. 42);  Making Friends (pg. 43)

CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.W.2.3 Narratives 

Community Worker (pg. 44);  Dressy (pg. 45);  Amazing Artist (pg. 46);  First Time! (pg. 47);  Out of Time (pg. 48);  Oops! (pg. 49);  I’m A Mouse (pg. 50);  Kindness Matters (pg. 51);  Embarrassed (pg. 52);  Surprise (pg. 53);  You Shrunk! (pg. 54);  A Million Dollars! (pg. 55);  Fly Like A Bird (pg. 56);  Run the School (pg. 57);  Science Smartie (pg. 58);  Elephant Trouble (pg. 59);  Giraffe Views (pg. 60);  Message in a Bottle (pg. 61);  Sleepover (pg. 62);  World Traveler (pg. 63)


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All Year 2nd Grade Writing Prompts