Goal Setting Makes Teaching Easy

When is the perfect time for kids to reflect on accomplishments and goals for the future? After celebrating the New Year or when heading Back to School. WHY, you may be asking, is it important for students to set goals?

Well, goal-setting with kids improves motivation and self-management, teaches dedication and determination, develops focus and self-accountability and ultimately, improves self-esteem and confidence. There are more reasons, but those are great starters!

Goal-setting made easy

So, how do you get kids to make goals that are within their reach and also realistic? By within reach, I am thinking of the child that says, “My goal is to be a famous YouTuber when I grow up.”

Kids can successfully accomplish goals when you allow them to choose their own. You don’t want someone else to choose YOUR goal for you, right? Buy-in is important for anyone to taste success!

Another hot tip: Sticking to ONE goal makes students less likely to give up.

Some questions you might pose to get your students started:

  • What is something new you want to try?
  • What is one thing you would like to get better at?
  • How do you plan to improve your skills?

Ultimately, the most important question students should answer is: WHY do you want to achieve this goal? Knowing the reason to “WHY” will help determine student motivation in reaching a goal.

Keeping students on track

If you want the goals to be pertinent for more than a week, you need to encourage your students to turn dreams into goals in a measurable and attainable way. Setting goals does not have to be complicated.

SMART goals= Success

Have you ever used SMART goals? My school district uses them regularly- for children and teacher development. SMART Goals are:

  • SSpecific
  • MMeasurable
  • AAchievable
  • R Rewarding/Relevant
  • T Time-bound

SPECIFIC:  What do you want to accomplish?

MEASURABLE:  How will you know when you have accomplished your goal?

ACHIEVABLE:  How can the goal be accomplished?

REWARDING/RELEVANT:  Is this goal worth working hard to accomplish? Explain.

TIME-BOUND:  When will this goal be accomplished?


To avoid frustration, encourage students to break the main goal into mini-goals! Kids of all ages can set their own goals with simple guidance. Download my Goal Organizers and you will be well on your way to setting goals with ease!Happy Teaching and Goal Setting!


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