8 Reasons to Use Boom Cards with Students

If you use task cards in your classroom, you will LOVE digital task cards, specifically, Boom Cards!  Digital, self-checking task cards are my favorite way to differentiate learning and engage learners.

These are the top 8 reasons I’m a fan of Boom Cards (no particular order):

1) DIGITAL  No printing, laminating, and cutting out sets of paper task cards. Less prep = more time for teachers.

2) SELF-CHECKING  Students type in  or drag a movable answer and get instant feedback!  If they get a question wrong, they can choose a new answer or “give up” the card and go to a different question if they get stuck.

3) USE WITH WHOLE GROUP, TOO Use them on a Smart Board or use a projector to work on one with the whole class.

4) USE WITH GOOGLE CLASSROOM Check out this video to see how.

Assign Boom Cards with Google Classroom

5) RECORD STUDENT DATA (and track student progress!) Boom Learning offers a three-month FREE trial of student progress reporting for up to 150 students. Even if you don’t sign-up to pay after your free trial, students can still use the cards – you just don’t get student reports anymore.

6) DIFFERENTIATE INSTRUCTION with Boom Cards. Once you have a deck of cards in your library, you can assign cards to individual students or to the entire class.

7) HIDE & RANDOMIZE You can hide any card in a Boom Card deck that you don’t want students to see.  Just go to your library and open up a deck, click the “Hide Cards” button on any cards you don’t want to be assigned. Boom Learning also lets you show the cards to students in a random order.  Perfect for students to practice skills and self-assess.

8) STUDENT MOTIVATION Students will beg you to use Boom Cards! I am not exaggerating. You can easily make dull subjects really fun!

Check out these Boom Cards

There you have it! 8 great reasons to try out Boom Cards. I bet you’ll be hooked!



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