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Reading Multi-syllable Words is easier after learning syllable types and syllable division.

Decoding Multi-syllable Words with Syllable Types

Strong readers need to be proficient at decoding multi-syllable words and a powerful way to learn this is by teaching syllable types and syllable division. Once students are able to do this, it is much easier to read and understand more difficult and longer words. But, how do students know if

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Graphic organizers to super-charge writing skills

Super-charge writing skills with graphic organizers

Imagine a classroom buzzing with creativity, where ideas flow like a river and you magically improve writing skills! Too good to be true? Nope!  Here is the “secret combination” that turns reluctant writers into eager authors- a magical mix of graphic organizers and writing prompts! Graphic organizers to improve writing

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Printable 2nd grade writing prompts

8 Writing Activities and Writing Prompts to Use Now

Planning back to school writing activities doesn’t have to be stressful. Introduce your students to 8 writing activities and writing prompts for an engaging way to get to know your students’ writing abilities and interests. These writing prompts can be used anytime throughout the year, too! Whether you’re diving in

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Use this Syllable Types chart with syllable activities to improve reading skills.

Syllable Activities and Syllable Types Improve Reading

While teaching 2nd grade and 3rd grade readers decoding skills, I found syllable activities and teaching syllable types really helped improve reading! The jump from “learning to read” to “reading to learn” can be tricky for many students but my Orton-Gillingham training has taught me the value of teaching syllable

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8 Reasons to Use Boom Cards with Students

If you use task cards in your classroom, you will LOVE digital task cards, specifically, Boom Cards!  Digital, self-checking task cards are my favorite way to differentiate learning and engage learners. These are the top 8 reasons I’m a fan of Boom Cards (no particular order): 1) DIGITAL  No printing, laminating,

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Boom Cards Digital Resouces are Easy to Master

You may have already jumped on the digital resources bandwagon and used Google Classroom? Maybe you’ve also heard of a digital resource called Boom Cards?  Well, Boom Cards are digital task cards in an educational game format. Along with being no prep for teachers and self-checking, they are also FUN

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Using Gamification to Increase Student Engagement

It is a fact – gamification works. When learning is turned into a game format,  student engagement skyrockets. Oddly enough, failure in the classroom is often seen as failure. Right? Still, many experts estimate that gamers spend up to 80% of their time failing…. yet they are only more eager

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Back to School List: Digital Boom Cards

Boom Cards™. Ever heard of them? Maybe you’ve heard of them and have no clue what all of the fuss is about. Well, let me tell you! They are the BEST, so read on and you will understand why. We’ve all heard of task cards and you may even use

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Use Word Study to Teach Reading

I have a confession to make – I’m a total word nerd. I just love digging into the intricacies of language. Now, when I say I love spelling generalizations, I don’t mean those strict “rules” that we all know can be broken in English. I’m talking about understanding why certain

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phonics games

Improve Reading Skills with Phonics Games

As a teacher, you already know the primary focus of phonics games is to help readers understand how letters are linked to sounds (called phonemes). Building strong phonics skills is crucial to building strong reading skills. As a reading specialist, I’ve noticed a common problem among struggling readers. While they

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